Croquette with Montagnard

Lo Montagnard is a whole thermised cow's milk cheese from Aosta Valley, obtained from cows feeded with mountain herbs. The rind is bloomy, with different types of moulds; the paste is straw yellow in colour, with small eyes scattered across. The taste is sweet, foundant to the palate, with a buttery note. This cheese melts perfectly; try it over polenta, to enrich first dishes and also over pizza.

We have experienced it in a recipe made by Riccardo Gaspari, chef of the restaurant El Brite de Larieto: a cube of Montagnard wrapped in a crunchy breading over a layer of peas' cream, enriched by Jalapeño Chipotle Chili Pepper with its spicy and smokey note.

Montagnard can also be used as an alternative to Fontina, to get a more delicate taste, in many recipes, also in the traditional Polenta concia,Valle d’Aosta fondue and Aosta Valley Soup.