The aubergine is originally an Indian product that the Arabians brought to Sicily in the century XIII. This vegetable adapted perfectly in all the mediterrannean lands where the climate was suitable for its cultivation.

In the popular tradition aubergines was weell-known as a non healthy product because its bitterness when raw. Infact, the aubergine discovers its taste only when cooked: it absorbes very well all the seasoning and it is delicious when fried, ideal to be preserved with oil, but rich in taste even when rosted.

There are a lot of varieties of aubgerine that changes in shape and in colour, perfect to satisfay every culinary need.



Befor starting, we have to decide if we prefere fried or rioasted aubergines. Done? Ok, now we can move on with the recipe. Here our suggestions for three different parmigiana.

- Traditional Parmigiana, timeless and loved by anyone, with Fiordilatte di Latteria del Molise
- Smoked Parmigiana, with a more intense taste, with Mozzarella di Bufala Affumicata 
- Innovative Parmigiana, with Caciocavallo Irpino Fresco, a delicious stretched curd cheese that guarantees a lower loss of water.


In this recipe we don't have to choose, the aubergine is delicious in every way, perfect to be filled with a cheese-heart. What kind of cheese? Here some ideas:

Pecorino Crotonese Fresco: ideal to give a savoury note
Ricotta Salata Siciliana: the main ingredient of Pasta alla Norma, it combine perfectly  with aubergines even in a roll
Rocchetta Alta Langa: South and North together in this recipe where the cheese gives freshness and a creamy texture to the aubergine.