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Acciughe Cantabriche Sotto Sale

Cantabrian anchovies preserved in salt
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Description Cantabrian anchovies fished in the Gulf of Vizcaya; they are eviscerated and beheaded by hand by Yurrita, then matured in salt for at least 12 months
Appearance Anchovies without head and entrails, the meat is fleshy with a good texture
Taste The taste depends on the precision of the rinsing and desalting process
Curiosity Until the late 19th century, in Cantabria, anchovies were not considered valuable fish and were mostly used as bait or thrown back into the sea. Everything changes with the arrival of the first canning companies from Italy, where the tradition of anchovies' conservation is ancient. The first cannery in Cantabria, "La Dolores", was founded in 1908 in Santoña by Giovanni Vella Scatagliota, a "hunter" of anchovies from Trapani,
Our selection In the Cantabrian Sea, anchovies have the possibility to eat a lot in a water more oxygenated and colder than those of the Mediterranean; this leads them to develop a layer of fat such as to make the meat juicy and firm. The fat is one of the qualities of these anchovies, for this reason, the best catch is between April and June, in the months just after winter
Suggestions To desalt salted anchovies: rinse the anchovy under running water for a few minutes and rub the surface to eliminate the scales as much as possible, then gently remove the central bone and the tail with the finger. Carefully separate the two fillets and rinse again. Dry the fillets freshly obtained with a cloth and sprinkle with extra virgin olive oil. Let rest in oil for at least ten minutes before tasting
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Weight 1 kg
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Yurrita e Hijos - Mutriku - Spain

Why we chose them
Yurrita and Hijos is a company founded in 1867 by the Yurrita family, which for 5 generations produces Cantabrian Anchovies. Yurrita is in the Basque Country, in Mutriku, that is a small fishing village overlooking the Cantabrian Sea, about an hour's drive from San Sebastian. When we visited the company we hit the link with tradition and attention to quality in every process of the production chain: from the purchase of anchovies in nearby marinas to manic cleaning the fish, from the long aging of the product in salt packaging manual. Every single anchovy fillet is cleaned and packaged manually by a group of only women, "why only women are capable of doing this painstaking work - confessed Juan Yurrita during the visit - while men are dedicated to offshore fishing". Recently the Yurrita family also acquired a processing facility of "Bonito del Norte", the famous albacore tuna caught in Cantabrico. The tuna is caught on the hook and the fishing trip was a real ceremony in the offshore, which lasts about a week or even more
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